About Us

Small Biz Evolution is the brainchild of Marlene M. Bryan, professional business consultant, business coach, author, and inspirational speaker. She created the company with one goal in mind…

To help others identify, develop and live the purposeful life of their dreams.

While Marlene’s credentials can be found below, Small Biz Evolution is about YOU. Your dreams, your goals, and most importantly – bettering your business. Our goal is simply to help your start-up or stuck-up business reach the level of success we both know it could.

Vision of Small Biz Evolution

To be known as a trusted provider of information, advice, and resources to the entrepreneurial and small business communities.

Mission of Small Biz Evolution

Provides entrepreneurs and small business owners access to resources, advice, and information that help their business develop and grow. This is done through the pursuit of providing high-quality service each time to each client external and internal to Small Biz Evolution.

Values of Small Biz Evolution

We will treat our clients and employees with respect, work with integrity, efficiency, and have fun while doing it.


Who is Marlene M. Bryan?

profile-picMarlene earned a Masters of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Miami and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of New York at Albany.

Immediately beginning her career after her Masters, she started in telecommunications and quickly rose to become one of the few black female Sales Engineer Managers and then Director of Marketing in an industry dominated by males. She is the author of Live a Diamond, A Life of Purpose: Diamond Cutter and Our Family Garden, A Book of Poetry.