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chooseStarting a business is scary. Working to change plans, policy, processes and procedures of an existing one can be even more nerve wrecking. We understand this.

At Small Biz Evolution, not only have we personally been through both phases numerous times – we’ve helped many start-ups and stuck-ups push through and see profits soar, too.

Why Choose Us

While we could harp on our experience, we what to show you exactly why you should choose up when success is the only option.

If dreams of starting your own business continually cloud your mind, we only want to help you succeed. Through years of experience assisting start-ups, we’ve developed a methodology that is sure to benefit your business.

Small Biz Evolution can help your start-up develop:Human, process, training.

  • Company Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Identify Target Market
  • Hire and develop Staffing Personnel
  • Create Business Plan
  • Grow Revenue
  • Learn about Corporate Structures
  • Market Product and Services

If your current business is currently struggling to get to the next level, we offer solutions to step your game up, as well.

Your company no longer needs to stagnant. We work with companies just like yours to determine areas for improvement, like:

  • Process/Procedures
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Products
  • People

Success Stories

Due to the sensitive nature of confidentiality, many of our clients require their specific business names to be removed.

Here are a few examples of companies using our services to achieve their goals:


The Sales Stuck-Up (Existing Business)

  • Challenge: Existing Business needed to brainstorming session for new sales campaign to meet Investor goals. Owner struggled with carving out time to developing a plan.
  • Solution: Worked with the owner to design a time management plan, define the target market, create a sales pitch and develop a project management plan.
  • Result: Business exceeded target plan, gained more investor dollars and added new clients.


Contacting and Connecting For Clients (Existing Business)

  • Challenge: Company was planning an exclusive event for “C-level” executives to pitch doing business with them. They did not have the staff required to connect, contact and get these executives to the event.
  • Solution: Work with the company to identify corporate executives that fits ideal target description. Created call, email and networking campaigns to connect and contact these officials.
  • Results: Company exceeded target number of attendees. “C-levels” were able to meet one-on-one with the company representatives and close new business.



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I highly recommend Marlene as a business coach specially if you're a tech start up. Marlene is well connected within the growing miami start up scene, very organized and focused on her customer needs. A team is crucial to achieve success, so as a solo entrepreneur, Marlene has been an invaluable asset to craft the business plan and to establish key connections to build and launch a minimum viable product.

Cindy Montgenie CEO Xaanadou July 8, 2016

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As the CEO/President of Business Match Network, I have to ensure that my clients get the best services possible. I engaged the service of Small Biz Evolution, LLC (SBE LLC) to provide its appointment setting services for some of my clients that required qualified meetings with CXO prospects. SBE was not only able to secure these high-level appointments, but ahead of the required timeframe. My clients were very impressed with the service they received. I look forward to working with SBE in the near future.

Sandra Peart CEO/President of Business Match Network July 8, 2016

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