You may not have a business or start-up you’re looking to take to the next level, but you may have aspirations of being an entrepreneur. You may even have a great idea, but you don’t know where to turn just yet.

The brainstorming may be done, but that’s not even the first step. Everyone has ideas. You must be a doer. You have to take that innovative idea growing in your mind and turn it into a fantastic business, a company that can feed your family and provides you with a great deal of passion and pride.


At Small Biz Evolution, we know how to do just that. We’ve spent years perfecting the science behind creating businesses that succeed. And with over 80% of small businesses failing within five years, that’s a big feat.

If you’re starting your journey to entrepreneurship, our online workshop is sure to take years off your learning curve and get your business off the ground rapidly.

Our Starting Your Business Workshops offers:

Identify Product/Service

Identify target Audience

Business Plan




                      We Help You to Tell Your Story

The Business of Professional Speaking

While our bread and butter is helping start-ups and stuck-ups get to their next level, at Small Biz Evolution, we also offer an innovative service you won’t find elsewhere.

Our founder, Marlene M. Bryan, is a distinguished professional speaker. Throughout the course of her life, she’s given numerous lectures on a variety of topics. And more times than not, she has been received with great acclaim.

It’s time she gave back and showed the world exactly how to turn your special life experiences and skill set into a professional speaking career.


In our Business of Professional Speaking Workshop, you’ll learn about:

Developing a Keynote Speech

Identify Target Audience

Getting Booked


Get in touch today to learn more about our workshops and how attending just one can turn your dreams into reality.